Ordering is easy with My Favorites

My Favorites allows you to create a customized list of items your pharmacy uses so you can quickly add them to your cart from a single screen. Additionally, items marked as My Favorites have a red heart indicator on the product pages so you and your staff can quickly identify which items you order.

Add products to My Favorites

  1. Log in to your vials.com account >
  2. Hover your mouse over a category heading such as VIALS & CAPS then click link for desired products.
  3. On the product page, if the product has options, select desired COLOR or LOGO.
  4. Click the heart + icon next to a specific item to add it to your Favorites list.
  5. Repeat with each item your pharmacy uses.
  6. On the product pages, the red heart icon will indicate items marked as Favorites.

Order using My Favorites

  1. Click the heart icon at the top of the screen or click the My Favorites link on your Account Dashboard to access your list.
  2. Enter order quantities and press Add to Cart to add items you need directly from the My Favorites list.
  3. Checkout as usual or continue to shopping for any other items you may need.

Need help setting up My Favorites for your account? Contact us today at customerservice@vials.com