Custom Printed Vial Caps

Custom Vial Caps

With NO UPCHARGE for custom imprinting, low mix-and-match minimum orders or FREE stock agreement, custom logo vial caps are an easy way to keep your pharmacy name in front of your customers. We offer custom printed vial caps for:

We have two ordering options:

  • Single Order: Mix-and-match sizes for minimum of 10 cases. Cases are shipped and billed upon arrival. Contact us when you are ready to re-order.
  • Stock Agreement: Using your monthly usage estimates, we pre-order your caps to stock in our warehouse to allow for immediate shipment with your vial orders as needed. There is no additional charge for this service.

Not sure which option is right for you? Watch to learn more >

How to get started:

Select your vial & send us your logo
Decide which vial and cap are right for you then complete our Custom Cap Artwork Submission form > (If you don't have a logo, there are templates you can customize.)
Review artwork options
Our graphics team will create several options for your review. This process can take several days to a week. Once you receive the options, let us know which you prefer and we will finalize your artwork. Note: From our experience, darker or higher contrast colors generally work better than lighter colors.
Place Order
Once you have selected an option, we will send you an artwork proof to review and sign along with an order form to select quantity to order, sizes and order option (single order or stock agreement). Once that is received, your order is off to production!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a fee or charge for custom printing?

No, custom imprinting is FREE so your price is the same as plain, stock caps.

How long will it take to get my custom printed caps?

Allow at least 12-16 weeks from receipt of your signed artwork proof/order form for your caps to arrive. During the holidays, there can be longer than usual transit/shipping times so delivery can run longer.

What is the minimum order for custom caps?

If you opt for a Single Order, the minimum is 10 assorted cases (you can mix-and-match sizes). Your order will be shipped and billed upon arrival. If you choose a Stock Agreement, you need only provide your estimated monthly cap usage and we will stock your caps in our warehouse for you to order as needed.

What is a Stock Agreement? How does that work?

If you opt for our Stock Agreement program, we use your estimated monthly usage to maintain approximately 90-120 day supply of your custom logo caps in our warehouse so they are available for immediate shipment. You simply order and pay for your custom vial caps online with your vials as needed. If you decide to switch vial lines or no longer wish to use custom caps, just give us 30 days written notice to discontinue production and use up any remaining caps. There is no additional charge for this program. Contact us at for details.

What do I send to get started?

To get started, complete our Custom Cap Artwork Submission form > Don't have a logo? Don't worry! We have templates in various styles that you can use to personalize for your logo caps.

Can I order custom caps online?

If this is your first time ordering custom caps, you will order using the order form included with your artwork proof. After your initial order, if you opted for a Stock Agreement, simply use the "You Custom Logo" option on the cap product pages and we will send your logo caps. See our How to Order Custom Caps Online > for more information. If you opted for Single Order, just contact us when you are ready to re-order.

Can I get my logo on the Secure Reversible Saver Sets?

No, our Saver Sets are pre-packaged with stock logo caps so custom printing is not available. Custom printing is available for Secure Advantage, Secure SelecTab, and Secure Packer vial lines.

What do I do while I wait for my custom caps? I need vials and caps now.

Most of our new customers place orders for vials and stock caps to use until their custom logo caps arrive.

Do vials come with my custom caps?

No, we do not automatically ship vials with custom cap orders. If you wish to have vials shipped when your custom caps arrive, please let us know when you submit your cap order and we can be sure to add them to your order.

Questions? Email us at or call 877.44.VIALS.